Nendoroid #1000 Commemorative Photo Contest

Prize Winners

Grand Prize

未来でまた会えたら (HN:さ)

(I wish many more people will find something they love in the future! Looking forward to Nendoroid #10,000!)

Judge's Comment

The comparison of the baby's hand, something usually thought of as small, and Snow Miku who is even smaller really touches my heart.
The way Snow Miku's complexion matches the color of the baby's hand makes me feel as though she's saying, "I'm here with you, my friend."
It's a truly wonderful photograph.

Takanori Aki (Good Smile Company CEO)

Special Prize

Special Prize A

玩巫師棋的小巫師 (HN:羽夜)

(I'll love Harry Potter forever!)

Judge's Comment

The way the photograph is framed looking through the window gives a sense that we're getting a special glimpse into Harry and Ron's daily life.
The careful placement of items throughout the photo and warm orange lighting reminiscent of the Gryffindor common room also look wonderful!
You can really feel the photographer's attention to detail and love for the series just looking at how carefully they worked to recreate the world of Harry Potter.

Kahotan (Good Smile Company Planning Dept.)

Special Prize B

玩樂中的面麻! (HN:kinako)

(Playing in the water by yourself can be fun too!)

Judge's Comment

Congratulations on the Special Prize selection!
The faint color tone of the photograph and water splashes match Menma's outfit and refreshed look,perfectly conveying the atmosphere through a single photograph.
Just looking at Menma innocently playing around in the water makes me happy too!

Chan-shuu (Good Smile Company Planning Dept.)

Special Prize C

東へ吠えろ (HN:mahokona)

(Taken around noon during the height of summer. Instead of roaring, they're probably shouting, "It's hot!")

Judge's Comment

While the photo itself is relatively simple, I selected this photo for the subtle details worked in throughout, such as the use of the Solid Color Nendoroid Bases to match each character.
The way the photograph is framed so as not to convey the actual small size of the Nendoroids is another nice touch.

Kyojin (Good Smile Company Planning Dept.)

Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you to everyone for your submissions!

Grand Prize and Special Prize winners will be contacted by photo contest staff by email.