During the nighttime live broadcast of WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!25 nighttime live broadcast we will be running a special corner where we will be introducing some of the product plans from our fans! We want you yo send in your complete plans for Nendoroids, goods or even a completely new brand!

We will select the most interesting of these plans and have members of the planning team pitch them to a panel of judges on the lib broadcast. If any of the plans manage to appeal to the judges they may even actually become a product in the future!

In the case that your idea is made into a product you will be given credit for the product as 'Planning Cooperation', and even if your project is not selected, we will be sending out one Nendoroid of your choice to anyone who's idea is selected to be introduced on the broadcast!

Please note that the broadcast itself will only be available in Japanese!

How to Submit Your Product Plan

Simply fill out the details of your product using the form below.
The more original and interesting the idea, the more likely it will be chosen!

Submission Period

Submissions are open from 2017/01/20 until 2017/02/10 at 19:00JST

Submissions are Now Closed.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your product plan to this page you agree to the following terms and conditions.
1) You confirm that this submission is your own work, is not based on any others works and does not infringe on any copyrights.
2) You agree to not claim any author's rights regarding your submission against Good Smile Company or any company designated by Good Smile Company.
3) Should your submission be selected for use, you agree to pass all rights to the work over to Good Smile Company with no compensation.
4) Your submission may be introduced on the Good Smile Company official website or social media.
5) Should your submission be selected for use, it may require alterations to be used as an official product. These alternations will be made without the confirmation of the original author.
6) We will contact the owners of winning submissions by email. We also intend to send a set of the 'Nendoroid More: Face Swap 02' expressions to winners when the set is ready for release. Please note that we will not respond to any queries that relate to the acceptance, status or results of submissions.
7) In the case of a misunderstanding, the original Japanese terms and conditions overrule the terms and conditions on this page.

Privacy Policy

All information provided to us through this page will only be used for the purposes of the campaign or sending products to winners. It will not be provided to any third parties.
- Personal Information of Minors -
Personal information of minors will be used and protected in the same manner as adult's information. However, minors must have consent from their guardians before submitting information to this sites.

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